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Hi, I am Jan C. Giese and is my personal website. Actually I use it mostly as my personal email provider.

To contact me use the contact form. Note that I am currently residing in Japan.

One of my hobbies is game development and graphics programming. I worked with C++/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal Engine 4. Below are images of some of my projects.

Miko Trouble, Multiplatform Jump & Run Game with Level Editor

This started out as an experiment where I wanted to try to building good touchscreen controls. Somehow I made a whole game out of it. It is written in JavaScript/Html5/Go. No external library is used. It works on any platform with a Html5 compliant web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Android). Play it here.

Wolliger Wintertraum, Devmania Overnight Contest

Project done in one night at the devmania conference 2015. It utilizes the Unreal Engine 4. It was a great small project to improve my speed working with UE4. Schnappi contributed the "knitted" texture, which provides underlying tone of the game. He also contributed the the tank and tree models. "Wolliger Wintertraum" is German and means wooly winter dream.

OpenGL 3D

Two images of one of my OpenGL 3D experiments:

2D Game project together with Schnappi

I wrote a complete 2D game engine and a level editor in C++. OpenGL was used to render the sprites. The great prerendered sprites were made by Schnappi in blender. Sadly we canceled the project as most of the files were lost. Below are two videos of the engine and editor in action.